Threshold Signature Scheme

GP7 is based on TSS


GP7 is based on TSS

Your private key is split into 3 components which are stored separately to ensure security. Your key components never leave your devices during transaction signing.

TSS features

These are the features that make GP7 so great. For differences between TSS and other technologies see the comparison table.

  • You can restore the key in case you lose 1 of the 3 components
  • If you lose 1 key component, you won’t lose your funds (i.e. your wallet won’t be compromised)
  • You have complete control over your funds
That’s a fact

GP7 doesn’t use a master key, but generates separate key components instead. All components are generated in a decentralized manner so that the components cannot be merged in one place, allowing an attacker to get hold of them and sign transactions.

A key manager for desktop

We have created a groundbreaking desktop key manager. In case you lose your key component it will help you restore your wallet app, funds, and the lost component.

  • Decentralized storage

    Store your key components on different devices for extra security

  • Recovery

    Recover your wallet with all your funds via the desktop app

  • Device locking

    Lock your device in case it is lost or stolen to prevent access to your money

  • Limits

    You can set a limit for transactions. You will need to confirm your transaction in case its amount exceeds the limit.

GP7 support is here — in several languages

GP7 app is available
at App Store and Google Play

Download GP7

Download the GP7 app on the App Store or Google Play

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